About us

Indira Gandhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (IGIPS) - A leading Pharmaceutical institution in the capital city of Odisha, Indira Gandhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences runs with the motto to promote Pharmaceutical education in the country. The institutions are characterized by the quality of their unrivalled education system across a broad range of disciplines. IGIPS is a dream center for higher technical study with an international focus on all its activities and standards. It is committed to furthering collaborative research and exchange programmes involving the best institutions from across the developed world.

        IGIPS believes in quality teaching and provides a challenging environment for modern technical education. There are teaching faculties, well-equipped lecture theatres, engineering laboratories and well-stocked library with modern amenities. The institution meets the cultural and recreational needs of its valued students making it the obvious choice for the mysterious and ambitious students.

        Besides the best qualitative education, the campus of IGIPS makes the whole system live because of its natural get-up, beautiful and superb landscape. It is our sincere conviction to provide the best education to our students which will enable them to keep pace with rapid global changes in technical/professional education and equip them to face new challenges.