Message from Managing Director

I am happy to convey my genuine message that Indira Gandhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Bhubaneswar has remained a student’s-favourite institute for over three decades.  IGIPS has always endeavoured successfully to give maximum career advantage to its students and so, it builds up their academic excellence and promotes genuine courtesy, discipline, social sensitivity, and values and culture. Equal attention is also given for their personality growth through extracurricular activities like sports, yoga, cultural events etc. IGIPS has vast state-of-the-art infrastructure with well-equipped laboratories, smart classrooms, gymnasium, herbal garden, animal farm, playground etc., and the whole environment is left free for the students to encourage them improve their learning, creativity and critical thinking.

At IGIPS, we are dedicated to continuous process of students' improvement and remain open to views and suggestions from the students as well as their parents and guardians.

IGIPS has already established itself as the most ideal institute for pharmacy education. All departments, from management to administration to academics, look after the holistic development of the students with great poise, grace and commitment.

I wish for the supports and co-operation from the parents and guardians with the institutional initiatives towards achieving the real objective of education.

Wish you all the best!


Managing Director

IGIPS, Bhubaneswar