Massage from Secretary

I express my deep pleasure over the continuous ascent and ever-rising popularity of Indira Gandhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and its progressive course of functionality in the area of pharmacy education and research on par with the fast evolving global as well as Indian pharmaceutical industry, spanning over three decades since its foundation in the heart of Bhubaneswar, known as the Temple City, and the first Smart City of India, in 1987. All along, IGIPS has constantly stood by its central principles of providing most advanced and prolific pharmacy education with contemporary approach in order to make our students acquire appropriate knowledge and skills with the cutting edge to be highly successful in their professional career as well as dependable pharmaceutical experts for the world. The vision on which IGIPS is based has been far-reaching and so, we always have given priority to our students by providing them with the best of academics, technology, administration, infrastructure, and co-curricular and recreational activities with respective productivity, pragmatism, innovation and reform.

As the Secretary of IGIPS, I have always remained dedicated to the noble objectives of education as well as pharmacy career of our students with my complete solidarity with the revolutionary work of the visionary founder chairman Dr G.C.Nayak and will always be working with him to make IGIPS as one of the best pharmacy colleges in the world.

I am also thankful to the Principal, the Vice-Principal, the Director, Professors and Staff of IGIPS for their commendable work for the success of our students.

I wish our students the best. May God bless them all!

M/S B. M. Nayak


IGIPS, Bhubaneswar