Chairman's Message

My heartfelt greetings to all the students of pharmaceutical sciences, the faculties and all who are involved in this educational system. Pharmacy education which is based on health as well as medicinal sciences plays a significant role in the society towards serving the human health. From building up the physical immunity to invigorating the human body to curing human diseases and disabilities, pharmacy education delivers these noble services as an essential contributor to a happy and prosperous life.

Health service is considered as the noblest service along with its education. From preparation of medicines to their formulation, compounding and dispensation ensuring safety, efficacy, and tolerability, and other activities such as designing, sustainability and cheap and easy availability .The course of pharmacy education is thus built upon through studying of pharmaceutical sciences that involve principally Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology,Pharmaceutical chemistry, Pharmaceutical analysis, Pharmacognosy and Pharmaceutical bio-technology. So, the pharmacy education requires a solemn study of above pharmaceutical sciences in order to provide real health service that is so desirable and so noble for the survival of humankind with comfort and happiness.

Considering the above, our journey of providing world-class pharmacy education was triggered off in 1987 with a pharmacy institute which is known as Indira Gandhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, popularly IGIPS, in the Temple City Bhubaneswar, the capital of Odisha. Since then, IGIPS has been journeying victoriously on its determined course of educating the qualified youth in D. Pharm, B. Pharm and M. Pharm with research facilities, updation, upgradation, standardization, extensive training, seminars, conferences, workshops, and study tours as relevant and needful from time to time. The institute has remained uncompromising in regularly defining, redefining and evaluating the institutional system, enforcing best policies and guidelines, implementing relevant courses, administering academic disciplines, incorporating latest educational technology, modifying teaching methods on needs, providing professional training, collaborating with industries and agencies for research and publication and taking up other activities with the strong objective of preparing our students to eternally flourish in future. Needless to say, by such virtue, IGIPS has emerged as the cornerstone of pharmacy education in the whole country.

With the world facing new, critical health challenges more and more, due to environmental pollution, climate change, rise in temperature, outbreak of pandemics, etc., there has been increasing demand for greater role of pharmaceutical sector, which brings forth the urgent need of a revolution in pharmacy education, research and training. And most relevantly, IGIPS, with its over three-decade-long strong course of providing highly prolific pharmacy education, holds a key stake in securing the human society against health impediments.

We at IGIPS have always felt that it is our moral duty to produce responsible and quality students, and have had a vision to develop the students who can make a difference to the world in the global health sector. We inculcate in our students a penchant and drive for learning in the most conducive, student-friendly, intelligent and creative study ambience, and constantly endeavour to comfort the students with all the necessary knowledge and skills with state-of-the-art infrastructure, world-class professors, and other excellent academic facilities, for stellar achievements in their professional career.

As the chairman of IGIPS, I anticipate the full participation and co-operation of the students and their parents to make possible for us to transform our dream of a salubrious human society to reality.

College education is a bridge that leads towards career achievement, personal success and a happy life. But this bridge is hard to cross. It requires determination, discipline, punctuality, steadfastness, loyalty, dedication and right attitude. Credibly, majority of students holding the hands of IGIPS, have crossed the bridge with consummate ease and now they are global leaders as pharmaceutical scientists, distinct academicians, entrepreneurs, company executives, market experts etc.

I am extremely pleased to welcome all students to being part of IGIPS, and pray to the Almighty to make you global icons in pharmacy. I herewith do commit to stand by you and cooperate on any need whether personal or professional during your studies and beyond.

Wish you all the best!

Dr G. C. Nayak

Founder &Chairman

IGIPS, Bhubaneswar